Common Musculoskeletal Measurements

anklecalcaneal pitchpes planus pes alta
ankleboehler anglecompression of superior aspect of bone, fracture ( RID4650 ) of calcaneus or of posterior facet
anklelateral clear spacesyndesmosis ( RID6088 ) injury
elbowcarrying angle of the elbowgunstock deformity supracondylar fracture ( RID4650 )
footvarus hindfootvarus hindfoot valgus hindfoot
footlateral talocalcaneal anglevarus deformity ( RID4769 ); clubfoot, cavus foot valgus deformity ( RID4768 ); congenital vertical talus, skewfoot deformities, flatfoot
hipalpha angleassociated with CAM type femoral acetabular impingement
hipcenter edge angledysplasia acetabular over coverage, seen in pincer type femoral acetabular impingement
hipfemoral versionexcessive femoral anteversion common cause of in-toeing
hipacetabular index or acetabular angle of sharpacetabular dysplasia ( RID3737 )
hipfemoral neck - shaft anglecoxa varus deformity ( RID4769 ) coxa valgus deformity ( RID4768 )
hipangle of inclinationreduced abduction increased dislocation
kneetibial tuberosity trochlear groove distanceshows valgus component of extensor mechanism of knee; asso w/ patellar instability & trochlear dysplasia
kneetibiofemoral anglevarus deformity ( RID4769 ) valgus deformity ( RID4768 )
kneetibial plateau angledepression ( RID6344 ) due to fracture
spinecobb anglescoliosis ( RID4756 ), dextroscoliosis ( RID4757 ), levoscoliosis ( RID4758 ), kyphoscoliosis ( RID4760 )
wristulnar variancenegative ulnar variance, associated with keinbock positive ulnar variance, associated with ulnar abutment syndrome
wristscapholunate distanceTerry-Thomas sign; widened ( RID5797 ) carpal joint space
Atlas of MSK Measurements (c) 2012