illustration by Kate Stevens

MSK MRI Atlas is a RadLex- based atlas of musculoskeletal MRI anatomy by the MSK section at Stanford. The lectures are high level skeletal talks from MSK subspecialists fr around the world who have volunteered to share their work.

Anatomy: Hip
Anatomy: Thigh

Lecture: Basic hip
Anatomy: Knee
Anatomy: Lower leg
Video: How I do it knee

Lecture: Meniscus
Video: 15 min meniscus
Tutorial: 3T, full DICOM
Anatomy: Ankle
Video: How I do it ankle

Lecture: Spring ligament
Anatomy: Shoulder
Video: How I do it shoulder

Lecture: Biceps pulley
Tutorial: 3T, full DICOM
Anatomy: Elbow

Lecture: Basic elbow
Wrist (in progress)

Lecture: Wrist alignment

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